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As Seen On



A collaborative women's project  by Lorri Acott

From January 3 – 31,  2018, the Lakewood Cultural Center was pleased to present “Unpacking the Shadow,” a collaborative group exhibition.

Tuscan Sculpture Symposium


In September of 2018, a group of 8 sculptors gathered together in the heart of Tuscany to sculpt together while experiencing the richness of Renaissance art and culture.

Spirit of Renewal: Community Art and Housing Redevelopment


The Spirit of Renewal Sculpture reflects the transformation that occurred at Coffel-Lamoreaux Housing Project, Phoenix Arizona. The artists used recycled materials from onsite to do so. From the poles from the original clothes lines that were at the site, the elongated figure reaches up with butterflies flying from the tips of her hands. The long legs on the figure represent rising above life’s challenges, the use of the old clothesline poles represent the history as the foundation of the community. The butterflies flying off the top of the hands have recycled security screens from the original windows from the homes at the site and represent the essence of transformation. Partners in development comment on the value of public art in urban re-development projects like this. The featured sculpture, Sprit of Renewal is the creation of artist Lorri Acott

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