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First Love                             Watching it Grow


The Women with Wings Project  is a community-based art project begun by Lorri Acott and  with the help fo her friend, Nan Larson.  The original vision was to bring together 100 women to tell their stories and stamp symbols of those stories into slabs of clay. The slabs would then become fired clay towers or columns with a sculpted woman with wings placed at the top of each tower. A photographer, Ronda Stone, would document the process and the stories would be collected and compiled by a writer, Cindy Griffin. The power of stories has altered that original vision because, far beyond the early expectation of 100,  over 400  participated in the Women with Wings Project inFort Collins, Colorado. The women are diverse in age, ethnicity, sexuality, spirituality, profession, and personality, and the symbols of their stories have been stamped and then rolled into thirty towers of clay. Atop each tower sits a winged woman sculpted by Acott-Fowler and representing her dream of women becoming who they are, who they want to be, and allowing their dreams and talents to take flight. The pilot installation of the project  in June  2007 in Fort Collins, originally conceived as a local one, is moving toward national and international opportunities.