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The year of isolation

There was so much to think about,

to feel about, to process during the time

of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Feeling like I needed to express myself in new ways,

I began to build a body of paintings with no real awareness

of what would evolve.


My hopes were that my paintings would become a means to get glimpses into my own subconscious. I was frequently surprised, delighted, and sometimes shocked at what showed up. I continued my search for meaning as I poured through quotes that would further express my own emotional response to my work.


This little book holds some of what I’ve found.

-Lorri Acott

Dedicated to my beloved Adam.

Thank-you for this

most amazing journey.

Now I understand what I want.


I want to be fully alive.

I want to see the colors brightly, vividly , without muting.

It's ok if it hurts my eyes;

If it makes me cry.

I want to feel the joy of life and the sadness of death.


Pain sucks.

I hate it.

But there is richness in it as well.

And to the extent I allow myself to feel pain

Is the extent to which I allow myself to feel Joy.


We are here for such a short time,

I don't want to deaden the experience.

I choose life and love

in their fullness and richness.

Now I understand what I want.


Lorri Acott

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